Tuesday, April 7, 2009

1st of April 2009

That day was my birthday.My parents were here. I drove back from KL with my dad in my left and my mom was sleeping at the back. I was driving with the music off and suddenly my dad was whistling a happy birthday song! without say any greetings, any wishes, or anything! I was surprised and smiled. and I didn't say anything neither to him.

actually I whispered "trimakasihhhh ayaahh" in my mind, but I really want to say it directly but my tongue was stopping. Why?! Should I have that high of prestige?!

absolutely not!

im sorry pap!. thanks for the song. thanks for the present. thanks for that moment.thanks for being here in that day!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


When I hope nothing, you come with your silliness

When I need something, you go with your consciousness

When I want everything, we regret what we have done.

Monday, January 19, 2009

my bad week

Monday,12th Jan 09

 I had class at 8am and when I finished my friend told me about my flat tire. Actually I had a feeling since the day  before that there's something wrong with my tire, I feel like my steering is quite heavy but I think it's caused by no powersteering. But since I still can drive normally and I feel balanced when I drove, I think it is ok (yeah silly me). Unfortunately, I have to change my tire after class, and this day I was fasting. Lucky me, beside my car is my friend's car and he offered me a help, but I want to do it myself because the last time someone helped me to change the tire. Then after that I went to the workshop and they said that I have to buy a new tire.

Tuesday, 13th Jan  09

My cousin told me that she had a fine letter because she parked not in the yellow box when she rented a car(not mine). She had to pay rm30 in police station. Actually this is not a bad day for me but it makes me little bit scared when I park.

Thursday, 15th Jan 09

I woke up and found out that I can't connect the internet. Then my friend returned my car and she said that she had a fine letter because she didn't pay the parking, she couldn't fine the machine. She gave me rm30 to pay in the police station. It makes me more careful when I park. Then in the evening, I went out with my friend to have lunch in warta. When we're finished and back to the car, I found out that my back-right-door-glass is broken. Someone had broken my car's glass. I  was shocked and I didn't know what should I do. I didn't know who shoud I tell, who should I call, where should I go. I blanked. My friend's bag in the back seat had gone, but my rm30 in the dashboard that I will use it for pay the fine is still there, and also my shoes. My friend is screaming about his bag. He scared that he brings valuable things, fortunately the expensive things in his bag is only the external harddisk, he didn't bring his paspor since his visa is in the process to get extension. I parked  in the parking area where there're a lot of cars also park there. And it was 3pm when the sun is exactly at the top of your head. I called my friend and he came there with his girlfriend and helped me to go to the workshop. Since I was still shocked so he drove my car and I rode her car. It costs rm120 for the new glass and the service, my kindly friend whose bag has stolen asked me to pay half. 

Friday, 16th Jan 09

I went to PPS to take a form of graduate program with my friends. When one of them try to get out from the car, she pulled the door-handle from inside, she tried many times but it couldn't open. I dont know why. Last morning I try to open that back-right door is still okay. 

Saturday, 17th Jan 09

I went out with my friends, some of them want to buy drinks first but her wallet is still in the car so she got back to the car and try to pull the back-left door from outside. She also tried many times to open it, then it couldn't be open, maybe she pulled too powerful.  I was limp. My back-left door had just repaired but now the others door is problem. 

Monday, 18th Jan 09

I am fasting today. I had a class at 8am. When I walked down my block, I saw my car wasn't stand normally. I walked closely and realize that the front-right-tire had been flat. Oh gosh, I had changed it last Monday and now it's flat. So I put the new tire that I had been bought last week in the baggage and changed it. 

I know I sound too much complaint, but I just want to share my bad week. Maybe I have done many mistakes and now I'm in karma ?